Why Work with A Virtual Assistant (VA)



 YOU NEED A VA!! Trust Me!!

OK let me just get real with you and share some of the many reasons to utilize a Virtual Assistant (VA).

I realize that for those of you who have financial concerns and even for those who don’t have financial concerns but for those of you who are “control freaks” that hiring a VA can be a bit overwhelming and feel a bit daunting.

BUT having processes in place for your VA can be the best way to create actual Financial Freedom AND have MORE control of your Biz than ever before!

I just LOVE my VA!! I don’t know where I’d be without her!

She/He can really help you to plan and implement your goals, dreams and ultimate success.

Trust me; you really will receive an awesome return on investment (ROI) when you do so.

WHEN YOU HAVE A VISION BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT:  –You have great ideas, great plans for you Amazing and Awesome Biz but the dad-gum technology know how is keeping you from doing it!! UGH! That is when you flounder and frustrate! That is when you doubt your dreams and gifts and start to wonder “is it even worth it?!”  You know what, most of the time when you have an experienced VA they usually already know how to do it!! If they don’t they usually are in a membership group with other VA’s that will know how!  They have support and they are your support!

SOME SYSTEM SUPPORT THEY OFFER: – Project Management, Website Creation/Updating, Graphic Creation, Social Media help, Newsletters, Sales, Sales Writing for you Website, Special Software Systems, Emailing, AutoResponders and SO much more!

RELEASE CONTROL TO GAIN CONTROL: — I know, I know, trust me I know how hard it can be to release control and to actually trust someone with your Biz! I get it, I really really do!  BUT, you have to in order to actually have more control in doing the things you are REALLY supposed to be doing.  Think about successful organizations, do you ever see ONLY ONE PERSON RUNNING THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION?!?  No darling, you don’t.  You know why? Because they would never be able to do it all on their own!  If they were trying to do it all they would be so out of control and so into chaos!  So just release those things you need to release and allow a VA to do!

VISUALIZE YOURSELF IN AN OFFICE SETTING: – Take a moment and close your eyes, see yourself in an office building with office mates around you (even if you’re the only employee in your biz, and even if you work from your home office) – now see yourself in your sweet spot…  the Owner of your company and as the Igniter of Your Dreams… see yourself Awakened and Enlightened…

Good… ok, now that you are seeing yourself in your truth, who are your employees? What are their functions for you? What do they relieve you of? Make a list of these things… Write them all down, all the different needs, and different positions they hold in your office.   Good! Now, I want you to highlight the things you need MOST right now in the running of your biz.  THAT is what you need to have your VA do for you now.  Of course as you grow and evolve that might change or things may need to be added, or more VA’s might need to be added.

WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR VA HIRED: – You can use GOOGLE DOCS (which is FREE) to get your communication going and to use to assign their various tasks.  Your VA will use this GOOGLE DOC to assign YOU some tasks as well.   It’s a GREAT tool that will keep you all organized and communicating.  Get your super cool VA to get the DOCS set up and organized for you both – that’s what my super cool VA does for me!

I am tipping my glass with you cheering you onward and upward as you Awaken Your Biz! Oh and feel free to share what you utilize your VA for OR any tips surrounding the running of your biz!


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