pic905So, let’s take a moment right here right now, what have your thoughts been today? Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, holy, sacred, silly?

Now is THE PERFECT MOMENT for you to become aware of your thoughts and what your thoughts have been focusing in on.

Let’s take a moment, a judge free moment, not worrying whether you are right or wrong in your thinking, just time to observe yourself, your mind, your thoughts…

There is no right or wrong here – just an observation.

Notice what you are noticing…

What are you feeling in your body?  Tense or Relaxed?  Your body will also confirm what you are thinking just by how you are feeling…

From what place are your thoughts coming?  Anxiety, feelings of lack, limitation, fear?

Or are you living in a place of possibility, belief, expansion, ability and abundance in this infinite world?

Close your eyes… take this sacred moment to notice where your thoughts and where they are coming from.  Now acknowledge what you notice, jot it down.

In order to live the life you are called to live, create the biz your truly desire, have the beautiful relationships and achieve all of your passions, you will be better off to create your intentional mindsets!

I highly recommend morning meditation to daily renew your mind and at the end of your meditation journal the wisdom given you from the Holy Spirit.  You will experience an awesome Awakening in doing so!

Here’s to Awakening Your Beautiful & Brilliant Mind,

Kathryn Rich Bonner


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