Transform Your Point of View


Have you ever had something that occurred that WAS NOT IN YOUR PLAN?  Is it your natural reaction to get stressed out and panicky?

When you respond this way you BLOCK GOD, you BLOCK THE VIEW of what GOD is ABLE to DO!  YOU BLOCK YOUR VISION of what COULD BE AMAZING.

This is a perfect time to change, shift and modify to a NEW POINT OF VIEW…

This is the time where you can provide yourself a reminder that there really are no accidents.  Remind yourself that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. 

Remind yourself that everything is at work for your highest good as well as for everyone.
Take a moment and go within, seek your inner wisdom and guidance, seek peace and understanding trusting that God will guide you through the situation and supply every piece of the puzzle, even when you can’t seem to find the missing pieces.

9-27-2When you feel like you are in the midst of a storm, elevate your mind.  Develop habits of trusting God, trusting that God has a better plan, opening new doors, new portals of opportunity to grant you even more abundance than you ever thought possible.

Learn to STOP NEGATIVE THINKING in it’s tracks by IMMEDIATELY TRUSTING GOD for something far better than you could have dreamed or imagined!  Begin to give thanks in advance.


Here’s to the Awakening of Your Amazing and Brilliant Mind,
Kathryn Rich Bonner



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