9-9In times when you feel like there is chaos all around, or when you are in a place of struggle, fear, doubt, or confusion, take time to go within, to the Spirit living within.
Ask for the sacred guidance that is always available to you, ask to be guided.
Recognize that you have an internal knowing; you have the Holy Spirit living and dwelling within, Ready to guide and direct you. Ready to grant clarity, and wisdom.

The Holy Spirit is All Knowing, All Wisdom.  The Holy Spirit has been with God since Day One. Stand in awe with me at the Wisdom and Agelessness of the Spirit!

You have decisions to make, powerful choices at hand.  Realize that you can either tap into the life giving force and the power of the Spirit, or you can cut off the power of the Spirit at any given moment.

Say this with me, out loud; I have the power and freedom of choice… I can struggle with answering these questions myself. OR I can go within myself, turning to the Amazing, Sacred, All Knowing Ageless Spirit within me and allow for the Spirit to guide me. In this place of choice, I choose to take a moment, get into a sacred space, get quiet and begin a moment of prayer. I unchain my heart and open my mind to receive the blessed direction from the Spirit of Wisdom within.

Now, breathe in deeply… Breathing in the Power of The Spirit…

Exhaling all negative thoughts…
I breathe in the Sacred…
I breathe out all fear…
I breathe in sacred faith…
I exhale, releasing all chaos…
I relax… trust… listen…

I am open to The Voice of Knowledge…  I hear the plans from Divine Wisdom.
As I listen with an open heart and an open mind, I am guided to see the words You have for me.
I hear Your Words, I hear your Guidance…
I thank you for providing me with my perfect solution!
The powerful and loving Spirit leads me and makes my crooked path straight and I rejoice!
I discern what to do, and I carry on with God-confidence.

I will escort the blind down roads they do not know, guide them down paths they’ve never seen.  I will smooth their passage and light their way.  I will indeed do it—they are abandoned no more.” Isaiah 42:16 – The Voice

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” Galatians 5:25





Spirit walking with you,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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