Doors and More Doors

Door 5


Heavenly Doors…

What are the God-given doorways in your life?


Have you ever given much thought to the doors that the Lord might be opening in your life? Especially when you wait on him to call you, then as you truly listen to Him and proceed to take the courage to actually do what He asks of you? The LORD God Himself actually escorts you as you take the steps! If you commence to walking with Him you soon will be astonished with the incredible journey He will take you on! For me it has been truly grand!

As I become more and more obedient to Him, to His direction, the blessings just keep coming my way! I have been so busy these last few months experiencing the many doors He has opened unto me! I have been astounded by His abundance and blessing upon my life. All of the Holy Spirit directed connections, the new women He has placed in my life and all that we are up to together for Him is huge!

God has so much to bestow upon those who seek Him and seek His will. What perspective do you take as you begin to view the Heavenly Doors? Have you ever really thought about doors and the passageways as heavenly portals?

Do you choose to stay in the room with your ears plugged and the doors shut tightly all around you in order not to venture out?  Does that idea feel safer to you so that you do not have to take any risks?

What would it be like for you if you were to view the word risk and shift the perspective of it? Shift the viewpoint of RISK to FAITH?

  • Faithfully seeing a door as a heavenly portal opening up for you?
  • What doors are you keeping tightly shut that you know you should be opening?
  • What might be on the other side of the door should you open it?

In the verse above you see that as you listen to the calling of GOD you will be blessed! I am so amazed at the way He calls us forth to do His work! Until the end of time we must be listening to Him, listening to His voice, His Words of wisdom, His Words of direction, His Words of love.

His true desire is to bless us, not to cause us to fear Him or His calling on our lives.

I love the second part of this passage as we are instructed to watch DAILY at His doors. Not just every now and then, or once a month when we think about it, but every single day we are to be WAITING AND WATCHING at His doors, waiting for Him to bless us!

The thought of this is beautiful to me as I begin to become more and more aware of the doors that He is guiding me to walk through each and every day.

Picture the glow peeking through, radiating from underneath the door, beckoning you to come… to draw closer and closer to the door.

See yourself with your face up close to the door; you begin to peer through the opening seeing the lights illuminating!  You are filled with warmth and hope for the day!

You begin to rise, placing your hand upon the old antique door knob which juts out from the old wooden hewn door – leading to the heavenly places of God, as He calls you forth; you go… you go…

You journey on with expectancy from Him who leads…

On the amazing journey with you,
Kathryn Rich Bonner


mirrorI really love this quote from Socrates: “An unexamined life is a life not worth living.”

Each and every one of us has a blind spot (or 2 or 3 or…) some have more than others.  One of the things that cues me to begin some self examination is when I see something within me that continues to recur over and over that I either really do not like and want to understand how I can begin to make that negative “pattern” come to a stop, OR when there is something wonderful that has happened over and over again so that I can make sure that I continue to create that powerful and beautiful pattern over and over again.

Socrates believed that that our lives were for personal and spiritual growth.  I believe this too.  When we fail to grow to that effect then we really need to carve out the time to reflect and examine our lives.  This is a beautiful and sacred practice we should all begin to develop in order to become our greatest self.

askI think of the Scripture from Matthew 7:7 that tells us to Ask, Seek, Knock and THE DOOR WILL BE OPENED.  This is how GOD reveals, answers the deep questions that we have of ourselves, our lives, our purpose and how we can make transformations in our life that cause us to experience the sacred, the holy moments, the grace, the capacity to forgive, the desire for MORE of HIM, the need for GOD in your biz…   

What doors are you ready to open and examine the things behind them? Are they the doors to your heart? The doors to your biz, the direction you need to take with it?  Doors to personal relationships that need some sort of beautiful resurrection?  Maybe you need to knock on the secret doors to your creativity that you don’t even know about yet?  Do you have a longing to paint or make music or take inspirational photos, or create in general?  ASK for it in the knocking.

EXAMINE who you are now, and who you long to be.  What’s lacking? What is there too much of, to little of? WHAT? What needs to be different?

There is a method of self-examination that is called “Socratic dialogue” and helps you to determine what is unsettled, unfinished, something that seems missing from your life, things you can’t quite pinpoint on your own.

When we examine our actions, we can decide if they’re based on what ‘they’ think or directed by our intuition.  You can dialogue with a coach around this, or a spiritual adviser can help see those blind spots with you.  Self-awareness is not a selfish thing, it’s a beautiful and holy and sacred part of your journey.  Where do you feel empty or too stuffed with stuff that you need to let go of in order to fill the empty heart with passion and purpose and calling?

Allow yourself the self-examination time, enjoy who you are becoming, take part in your likebecoming.  Awaken your heart, soul and mind!

Do you like who you are becoming, or is it time to make a change?

Ask, seek and knock …


Find out how coaching can help you examine your life and how you can become your very own heart’s desire…

Awakening, Examining & Creating a Life Worth Living,
Kathryn Rich Bonner



White Finger StarfishINNNER PEACE –

When external frustrations and anxious thoughts seem to keep me from feeling peaceful, tranquil, or centered, I remember that I am able to center my consciousness internally and revive my internal serenity.

As I close my eyes and give attention to on my breath, the current worries, frustrations and concerns begin to literally dissolve away.

Again, as I close my eyes, I remember that God is my Great Provider, my Truth and reminds me that He is my Perfect Guard and Guide.

I regain my peace in reflection, one breath, and one prayer at a time.

God is not the author of chaos and chaos has no place within me…
I find peace going within, and experiencing the peace that passes all understanding… and I give thanks. I am fully aware that I am the one who chooses my thoughts and what I focus on. I choose to create my life by focusing on the sacred within, peace, love, grace, forgiveness, and mercy toward myself and others.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-7

Peaceful Awakenings,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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Here is a secret to transform your fears into action!

Let’s face it, with change there is fear. With BIG DREAMS that dang fear shows up again!

Here’s the deal when it comes to becoming the You that you long to be…

You are still standing in the old you. You have dreamed of stepping into the NEW YOU for a long time, but the OLD YOU is comfy, safe and without risk. You know how you have been doing things, the old patterns, the safety zone you have set up around your life; you know that big safety net is there…

This makes it easy to stay put, to keep the dream alive, just by simply dreaming and not acting on it…

You can keep at all of your little “to do” lists and checking everything off making you feel like you have accomplished something and keeping you from looking at the BIG STEPS you REALLY SHOULD BE TAKING.

You keep all of these things in front of the GIGANTIC STEPS that will GET YOU TO THE ACUALIZATION of your dreams.

So… I’m going to help you do just that, take the action steps to really get you TRULY LIVING INTO YOUR DREAMS.

You are going to FACE YOUR FEARS today. I am going to virtually coach you through this! You ready to start changing things up?

The SECRET KEY (really simple, but really scary) to begin your transformation is by doing THAT ONE THING YOU FEAR THE MOST! This will create the IMMENSE CHANGE!

So, this is what I want you to do:
Create your “list of things to do” incorporate each item you are presently doing, things you need to start doing, and the things that you know would be good to do…
Good! Now for the next phase, this is where you get to the fears, the things that cause you to stop from really living into your goals and dreams.

Make a list of the BIG SCARY things to do, BUT – next to each item you list I want you to write out WHY it would benefit you to do it. THIS is where you create and understand your real passions for what you are doing…

THIS will create the coolest shift within you!

Now, I want you to take those big fears and do one at a time. It is to make a call to that radio station to get that interview you know you need? Is it creating your prices and putting them up on your website? Is it investing in your own awesome coach? Is it hiring that amazing VA (Virtual Assistant) you know you need to hire to get to the next level? Is it announcing a course you are going to teach and putting a final date for people to sign up for? Is it getting some PR for yourself that you know you need and can do?

ALL RIGHT now get to it! Face your fears and get ‘er done!

Create this list each and every day and start facing those fears with a minimum of doing at least 1 item on your SCARY list.

This process with grow you and transform your amazing life and your biz, each and every time you have faced a fear!

Facing your fears with you,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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pic905So, let’s take a moment right here right now, what have your thoughts been today? Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, holy, sacred, silly?

Now is THE PERFECT MOMENT for you to become aware of your thoughts and what your thoughts have been focusing in on.

Let’s take a moment, a judge free moment, not worrying whether you are right or wrong in your thinking, just time to observe yourself, your mind, your thoughts…

There is no right or wrong here – just an observation.

Notice what you are noticing…

What are you feeling in your body?  Tense or Relaxed?  Your body will also confirm what you are thinking just by how you are feeling…

From what place are your thoughts coming?  Anxiety, feelings of lack, limitation, fear?

Or are you living in a place of possibility, belief, expansion, ability and abundance in this infinite world?

Close your eyes… take this sacred moment to notice where your thoughts and where they are coming from.  Now acknowledge what you notice, jot it down.

In order to live the life you are called to live, create the biz your truly desire, have the beautiful relationships and achieve all of your passions, you will be better off to create your intentional mindsets!

I highly recommend morning meditation to daily renew your mind and at the end of your meditation journal the wisdom given you from the Holy Spirit.  You will experience an awesome Awakening in doing so!

Here’s to Awakening Your Beautiful & Brilliant Mind,

Kathryn Rich Bonner