Doors and More Doors

Door 5


Heavenly Doors…

What are the God-given doorways in your life?


Have you ever given much thought to the doors that the Lord might be opening in your life? Especially when you wait on him to call you, then as you truly listen to Him and proceed to take the courage to actually do what He asks of you? The LORD God Himself actually escorts you as you take the steps! If you commence to walking with Him you soon will be astonished with the incredible journey He will take you on! For me it has been truly grand!

As I become more and more obedient to Him, to His direction, the blessings just keep coming my way! I have been so busy these last few months experiencing the many doors He has opened unto me! I have been astounded by His abundance and blessing upon my life. All of the Holy Spirit directed connections, the new women He has placed in my life and all that we are up to together for Him is huge!

God has so much to bestow upon those who seek Him and seek His will. What perspective do you take as you begin to view the Heavenly Doors? Have you ever really thought about doors and the passageways as heavenly portals?

Do you choose to stay in the room with your ears plugged and the doors shut tightly all around you in order not to venture out?  Does that idea feel safer to you so that you do not have to take any risks?

What would it be like for you if you were to view the word risk and shift the perspective of it? Shift the viewpoint of RISK to FAITH?

  • Faithfully seeing a door as a heavenly portal opening up for you?
  • What doors are you keeping tightly shut that you know you should be opening?
  • What might be on the other side of the door should you open it?

In the verse above you see that as you listen to the calling of GOD you will be blessed! I am so amazed at the way He calls us forth to do His work! Until the end of time we must be listening to Him, listening to His voice, His Words of wisdom, His Words of direction, His Words of love.

His true desire is to bless us, not to cause us to fear Him or His calling on our lives.

I love the second part of this passage as we are instructed to watch DAILY at His doors. Not just every now and then, or once a month when we think about it, but every single day we are to be WAITING AND WATCHING at His doors, waiting for Him to bless us!

The thought of this is beautiful to me as I begin to become more and more aware of the doors that He is guiding me to walk through each and every day.

Picture the glow peeking through, radiating from underneath the door, beckoning you to come… to draw closer and closer to the door.

See yourself with your face up close to the door; you begin to peer through the opening seeing the lights illuminating!  You are filled with warmth and hope for the day!

You begin to rise, placing your hand upon the old antique door knob which juts out from the old wooden hewn door – leading to the heavenly places of God, as He calls you forth; you go… you go…

You journey on with expectancy from Him who leads…

On the amazing journey with you,
Kathryn Rich Bonner



 LORD, how I love you, how I love your WORD!

Thank you so much for Your instruction, which is beautiful. You say to “shut the door.” This is sacred – good and holy, keeping all of the distractions away, uniting us – closer – deeper – granting wisdom and understanding, along with guidance and then peace.

Just what I need, what I yearn for – a closeness with You, your people – with me. I am blessed by Your love for me, Your desire is woven into me by Your creative hand, to be close – so close that there are no gaps – no room for wedges.

This is the place – the “closed door place” where I come to You, sometimes crawling on my hands and knees in desperation – thirsty and parched in great need, great pain – even great fears – with worry and needing Your wisdom, direction, comfort and peace that only You can provide.

Other times I come for prayer for the many needs of others, beseeching You to hear me for the sake of their needs and You listen – I trust. I trust. I trust.

Sometimes I simply come to glorify You, to praise you for who You are, for the miracles done in the lives of other and in my own life. To sing praises for my dear husband and my daughters and my sons-in-law, for my grands!

I thank you that you invite me to come to you and shut the doors to the outside world and open your heavenly doors, granting me the ability to enter into Your throne room!  Though your physical presence is “unseen” I still see You!

I see you in others working miracles, I see you in Your creation of the earth! I see You in all of your people, in all of the various flowers and trees and butterfly’s and moths and insects and animals and sunsets and sunrises – in the clouds – in the smiles, in the eyes of humans – in the eyes of cats and dogs…  I see you God – I love what I see.

I FEEL your presence, I experience you. I feel your love.

I experience your heart, your joy, your laughter, as well as your pain. Though I am aware that all of your emotions must run much wider and deeper than mine – for if I “felt” all that you felt I surely could not comprehend – nor handle it all… You are my God & King!

Your word in verse 6 says “you see what is done in ‘the secret place'” – thank you for seeing – thank you for allowing me to come to the “secret place.”

And if that’s not enough, You are a God who loves to reward us – especially when we grow closer to you – that in and of itself is a reward. I treasure this sacred gift of yours – given straight from your heart to mine.

Let me be one who always longs to come and shut the door to the world and open the heavenly doors in which You stand – waiting for me to enter.

Oh the majestic visions in my mind – you reveal so much to me! Your places of holiness are unmatched. I think about people living in chaos – opening all the wrong doors – trying to gain some semblance of satisfaction – but they fail to open the door to Your “Secret Place” – the place of prayer, where they find you and find answers.

If the world would just Open the Doors of their Bibles, they would find YOU! AND in You is all they long for… and them some! Oh LORD, I pray for all those that are seeking and searching… I pray that they stop opening the doors to excess and open the doors to moderation, closing the doors to addictions… and open the doors to peace, to settle down, be still and find your love. Stop opening the doors to “Keeping up with the Jones’s slow down – pray – go to THE SECRET PLACE. This is the REAL SECRET! The Secret to finding all that they look for and long for, it’s the place where there is freedom, the SECRET PLACE of abundance, overflow and rewards!

O LORD, that is the answer, that it THE SECRET! The Real Secret is no secret at all! Your Word is out there for everyone to know and read and come to know you. That’s it, so simple.

  • What DOORS have you been walking through lately?
  • What DOORS are you finished walking through?
  • What DOORS will you begin to walk through as of today?

Discover the REAL SECRET, the Universal Laws and Biblical Principals are there for you. God is The One who set them all in place…

Doors & Secret Discoveries,
Kathryn Rich Bonner


White Finger StarfishINNNER PEACE –

When external frustrations and anxious thoughts seem to keep me from feeling peaceful, tranquil, or centered, I remember that I am able to center my consciousness internally and revive my internal serenity.

As I close my eyes and give attention to on my breath, the current worries, frustrations and concerns begin to literally dissolve away.

Again, as I close my eyes, I remember that God is my Great Provider, my Truth and reminds me that He is my Perfect Guard and Guide.

I regain my peace in reflection, one breath, and one prayer at a time.

God is not the author of chaos and chaos has no place within me…
I find peace going within, and experiencing the peace that passes all understanding… and I give thanks. I am fully aware that I am the one who chooses my thoughts and what I focus on. I choose to create my life by focusing on the sacred within, peace, love, grace, forgiveness, and mercy toward myself and others.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-7

Peaceful Awakenings,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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So much of the time we try to be ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE…

We need to always be AWAKENING our minds to what is really important.
To truly awaken to who we are, what we are doing…
Awareness to going through the motions, sleepwalking through our lives verses being awakened to all that we do and be.

So, being all things to all people might be a way that you have just set your life up on auto-pilot…
There is no way that we can be all things to all people

I want to encourage you to allow yourself to have an awakening here, a mind check of sorts…

One guaranteed way to add loads of stress to your beautiful and sacred life is to try to “be all things to all people.”

Here’s a great (simple & quick) exercise for you to help you have an awakening. You can do something to determine if you should be doing all the things you are doing. As you do this, you can also make a shift if you are not to be doing it to trust that God will put the right person at the right time in the right place to handle it.

ASK YOURSELF: “Is this something I feel strongly or passionately about?” If your answer is YES – look at your schedule and find the way to fit it in. This could actually be a great way to add passion and purpose into your life.
AND if you have to REMOVE something off of your calendar that you are not passionate about to do it, even better! Get the things off your calendar that you shouldn’t be doing anyway!

For those of us who are in biz for ourselves, entrepreneurs, have family and busy schedules anyway, doing things that we can eliminate will cause of to really live our lives with true passion and awaken ourselves to the plans and purpose that are truly for us to be doing on this earth anyway.

So, rather than trying to do it all – do only that which you are passionate about.

ANOTHER QUICK EXERCISE: As you begin to REMOVE the things you should not be doing trust the fact that GOD already has that person lined up ready to step into this role. You could even ask someone that comes to mind who would love doing this to step in.

Live your life awakened,
Kathryn Rich Bonner


Prayer, Meditation & Journaling – Asking, Receiving & Hearing


There are similarities to Prayer and Meditation, as they both connect us deeply to God.
Yet there are marked differences which are very significant. I believe that we need to be doing both each and every day. There was a time when I simply prayed or simply meditated. I now have found that both are critical as sacred, powerful practices to connect deeply to the Divine, allowing for powerful connection to the Holy Spirit. I have also begun a third practice coupled with this and that is JOURNALING.

Prayers are our petitions unto God, asking of Him for specific needs in our lives and in the lives of those we Love. As we pray we share our deepest desires with God. We express our longings, Yearnings, Feelings and Innermost Thoughts with Him.
Meditation is the Sacred Breathing in of the Spirit, Exhaling & Releasing the negative thoughts that are not of God. The Soaking In The Spirit…
Journaling with God – allowing the Spirit to Speak, Listening to Him. This is where His Wisdom comes, where you Hear the Sacred Whispers of Our Lord! Capturing His wisdom on paper, journaling His Powerful Words to you. This is when you are able to Grasp All God has to share with you!! This is the Most Amazing time with The King!! Don’t miss out on it anymore.

Prayer is reaching out to the God of the Universe with Questions, as a plea for help, gratitude, and praise.

Meditation, on the other hand, has a Hushed Eminence that Respects the Art of Openness.

When we meditate, we Quite and Slowdown, allowing the commotions of our busy minds & worried hearts to relax and be relieved.

Within minutes we come to sacredness with our All Knowing, All Loving God, allowing Him to silence it all, ridding us of all the stress and noise that cause us to forget that we walk with him. And then something wonderful happens, we Remember that we Do Walk With Him! In this Sacred Remembrance, it becomes possible for us to actually Hear God as He Speaks to us in our Heads and our Hearts – to the deepest parts of our souls.

Then we begin the Journaling Process… Capturing His Brilliance, Radiance, Knowledge that He longs for us to hear, know & do.

Journaling out all the responses He has from your needs, worries, questions… It’s awesome! You don’t really want to miss out on this time with him do you?

So all of this these 3 things: Praying, Meditating & Journaling are your essential tools for steering your life’s course. Every bit of this guides you in your life, biz, and spirit.

Allow yourself to commit to this Sacred Way each and every day.

If we don’t do the 3 together, we will find ourselves out of alignment and will miss out on the beautiful benefits of this kind of communion with God. When we allow ourselves to practice all 3 of these things together we begin having the most amazing two way conversations with the God of The Universe! What do you think?

Awakening You Mind, Biz & Spirit,
~xoxo Kathryn Rich Bonner

Affirmations for Renewing My Mind


In the coaching of my client’s one of the things I have found to be one of the greatest hurdles in the mind, especially for those who are Spiritually minded entrepreneurs, is the fact that somehow they don’t feel deserving of one thing or another.

We all know about the negative mindsets that can clang around within our minds, like gongs going off all the time. These noisy gongs are beating and drumming you down, perhaps to the point that you begin to believe that rather than the truth of what God really longs for you and your success and abundance.

Nothing could be further from the truth and you deserve all of the blessings, beauty, sacred moments, joy that this amazing universe holds for you. Allow God to pour out His blessings upon you and stand in belief and praise for all He gives… in healthiness, relationships, your biz, money, personal achievements, bliss, love, and in every facet of your life!

Take a meditative moment with me here to renew your mind…

Breathe in deeply the Power of the Spirit…Breathe in all that He has for you knowing that He makes us deserving of all you have and all you are to receive. 

Speak Out Loud Your Affirmation to Renew Your Mind: “I Am Deserving!” 

For help in Renewing your mind with guided Biblical Meditations that come with Journaling Pages go to:

Now, journal out what the above means to you…

Then journal around the two Scripture verses below asking God to share with you all that this means for you:
“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.”  Romans 12:2 MSG 

“If we live by the [Holy] Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. [If by the Holy Spirit[a]we have our life in God, let us go forward[b]walking in line, our conduct controlled by the Spirit.]”  Galatians 5:25 AMP 

No more sleepwalking through your phenomenal life!  Spiritwalking with you on the journey…   

Awakening Your MIND, BIZ, & SPIRIT,
~xoxo Kathryn Rich Bonner



9-9In times when you feel like there is chaos all around, or when you are in a place of struggle, fear, doubt, or confusion, take time to go within, to the Spirit living within.
Ask for the sacred guidance that is always available to you, ask to be guided.
Recognize that you have an internal knowing; you have the Holy Spirit living and dwelling within, Ready to guide and direct you. Ready to grant clarity, and wisdom.

The Holy Spirit is All Knowing, All Wisdom.  The Holy Spirit has been with God since Day One. Stand in awe with me at the Wisdom and Agelessness of the Spirit!

You have decisions to make, powerful choices at hand.  Realize that you can either tap into the life giving force and the power of the Spirit, or you can cut off the power of the Spirit at any given moment.

Say this with me, out loud; I have the power and freedom of choice… I can struggle with answering these questions myself. OR I can go within myself, turning to the Amazing, Sacred, All Knowing Ageless Spirit within me and allow for the Spirit to guide me. In this place of choice, I choose to take a moment, get into a sacred space, get quiet and begin a moment of prayer. I unchain my heart and open my mind to receive the blessed direction from the Spirit of Wisdom within.

Now, breathe in deeply… Breathing in the Power of The Spirit…

Exhaling all negative thoughts…
I breathe in the Sacred…
I breathe out all fear…
I breathe in sacred faith…
I exhale, releasing all chaos…
I relax… trust… listen…

I am open to The Voice of Knowledge…  I hear the plans from Divine Wisdom.
As I listen with an open heart and an open mind, I am guided to see the words You have for me.
I hear Your Words, I hear your Guidance…
I thank you for providing me with my perfect solution!
The powerful and loving Spirit leads me and makes my crooked path straight and I rejoice!
I discern what to do, and I carry on with God-confidence.

I will escort the blind down roads they do not know, guide them down paths they’ve never seen.  I will smooth their passage and light their way.  I will indeed do it—they are abandoned no more.” Isaiah 42:16 – The Voice

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” Galatians 5:25





Spirit walking with you,
Kathryn Rich Bonner