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Would you like to be able to calculate how long your speaking gig will take?  Many times you are given certain about of time to speak and they let you know that you really can’t go past the allotted amount of time they’ve given you.

Speaking Calculator

I have actually been at workshops where there are several workshops going on at the same time and everyone is supposed to end at the same time, then the participants are able to go to several workshops at the conference.  If a speaker runs on for too long it can really throw a kink into things for all of the other speakers as well as for the attendees.

Well, I have something here for you that is really neat, you know how I love to pass along really great techniques, biz tips, gadgets and techy wisdom to you don’t you!?  I have something here you are really going to love to help you with a pretty good guesstimation of how long your speech will be.

Check out this website that helps you convert the number of words you have written for your speech into the time it takes to deliver your speech.  It’s quick and easy, it’s online and it’s absolutely FREE!  We love free don’t we!?

This techy tool is awesome when you are preparing for a speech or a presentation. The number of minutes you will take is dependent on the number of words and your speed of speech, or reading speed.

Now, be sure to note that this calculator is really close but can’t claim 100% accuracy because some people are slow speakers and some are fast, BUT it even does it’s best to help you choose which speed!

Check out this link and give it a whirl!  http://www.speechinminutes.com/

Speaking & Calculating,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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Prayer, Meditation & Journaling – Asking, Receiving & Hearing


There are similarities to Prayer and Meditation, as they both connect us deeply to God.
Yet there are marked differences which are very significant. I believe that we need to be doing both each and every day. There was a time when I simply prayed or simply meditated. I now have found that both are critical as sacred, powerful practices to connect deeply to the Divine, allowing for powerful connection to the Holy Spirit. I have also begun a third practice coupled with this and that is JOURNALING.

Prayers are our petitions unto God, asking of Him for specific needs in our lives and in the lives of those we Love. As we pray we share our deepest desires with God. We express our longings, Yearnings, Feelings and Innermost Thoughts with Him.
Meditation is the Sacred Breathing in of the Spirit, Exhaling & Releasing the negative thoughts that are not of God. The Soaking In The Spirit…
Journaling with God – allowing the Spirit to Speak, Listening to Him. This is where His Wisdom comes, where you Hear the Sacred Whispers of Our Lord! Capturing His wisdom on paper, journaling His Powerful Words to you. This is when you are able to Grasp All God has to share with you!! This is the Most Amazing time with The King!! Don’t miss out on it anymore.

Prayer is reaching out to the God of the Universe with Questions, as a plea for help, gratitude, and praise.

Meditation, on the other hand, has a Hushed Eminence that Respects the Art of Openness.

When we meditate, we Quite and Slowdown, allowing the commotions of our busy minds & worried hearts to relax and be relieved.

Within minutes we come to sacredness with our All Knowing, All Loving God, allowing Him to silence it all, ridding us of all the stress and noise that cause us to forget that we walk with him. And then something wonderful happens, we Remember that we Do Walk With Him! In this Sacred Remembrance, it becomes possible for us to actually Hear God as He Speaks to us in our Heads and our Hearts – to the deepest parts of our souls.

Then we begin the Journaling Process… Capturing His Brilliance, Radiance, Knowledge that He longs for us to hear, know & do.

Journaling out all the responses He has from your needs, worries, questions… It’s awesome! You don’t really want to miss out on this time with him do you?

So all of this these 3 things: Praying, Meditating & Journaling are your essential tools for steering your life’s course. Every bit of this guides you in your life, biz, and spirit.

Allow yourself to commit to this Sacred Way each and every day.

If we don’t do the 3 together, we will find ourselves out of alignment and will miss out on the beautiful benefits of this kind of communion with God. When we allow ourselves to practice all 3 of these things together we begin having the most amazing two way conversations with the God of The Universe! What do you think?

Awakening You Mind, Biz & Spirit,
~xoxo Kathryn Rich Bonner