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Would you like to be able to calculate how long your speaking gig will take?  Many times you are given certain about of time to speak and they let you know that you really can’t go past the allotted amount of time they’ve given you.

Speaking Calculator

I have actually been at workshops where there are several workshops going on at the same time and everyone is supposed to end at the same time, then the participants are able to go to several workshops at the conference.  If a speaker runs on for too long it can really throw a kink into things for all of the other speakers as well as for the attendees.

Well, I have something here for you that is really neat, you know how I love to pass along really great techniques, biz tips, gadgets and techy wisdom to you don’t you!?  I have something here you are really going to love to help you with a pretty good guesstimation of how long your speech will be.

Check out this website that helps you convert the number of words you have written for your speech into the time it takes to deliver your speech.  It’s quick and easy, it’s online and it’s absolutely FREE!  We love free don’t we!?

This techy tool is awesome when you are preparing for a speech or a presentation. The number of minutes you will take is dependent on the number of words and your speed of speech, or reading speed.

Now, be sure to note that this calculator is really close but can’t claim 100% accuracy because some people are slow speakers and some are fast, BUT it even does it’s best to help you choose which speed!

Check out this link and give it a whirl!  http://www.speechinminutes.com/

Speaking & Calculating,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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Fun & Fans,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

What is your particular RHYTHM?


Each of us is unique in our own rhythms and how we seem to work best without interruptions and where it is that we find that we are “in the flow” of creating all that we need to. I have found myself to get into a wonderful rhythm when it comes to flow!

2119-seasonalAre you an EARLY BIRD waking up easily and ready to begin the work with a clear head and a sharp wit? Then that is the best time for you to allow yourself the space to get into the rhythm of your work. You are most likely wide eyed and chomping at the bit to get to it and start getting everything written up on your to do list and look forward to getting all of those items checked off! The things that I like to do in the mornings is 1st create my TO DO LIST for the day, respond to emails, schedule appointments with clients, take POWER SESH Calls with potential clients, have all of my coaching calls with clients and help them create strategies, programs, brainstorming sessions, lead my MasterMind Groups, etc… These are the things that I thrive on during the day.

If you are anything like me, after accomplishing all of this, you experience a great sense of accomplishment having all the things on your list completed.

Later afternoon you may even begin to lose focus, and can feel a bit sleepy and even consider taking a power nap!

Allow yourself to take that power nap! It’s proven to be really good for you to do so! I’ve written about the blessings of POWER NAPS in another blog post!

1506-vintageOR Are You a NIGHT OWL? I have found that in my biz it’s such a sacred time in the late hours of the night when I am working on blog posts, writing for the newsletter, writing in regard to speaking topics and those types of things that require me to have absolute silence and be away from the distractions of all the things that can bombard me during the day.

This may sound a bit odd, but I find my rhythms in BOTH the EARLY BIRD and the NIGHT OWL worlds, depending upon what I am doing.

Determine your rhythms, allow for the sacred flow to occur. Also, just be sure to maintain a balance so that you do not find yourself working non-stop and losing balance with your family and your social life.

I take my breaks in the latter part of the afternoon allowing for lunch with my husband and with my girlfriends. Learn what your rhythms are and benefit from on the time that works best for you as you run your awesome biz!

Cheers to Your Biz,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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This is a GREAT LESSON for us!

A powerful lesson regarding the way in which we do life and how we choose to run our entrepreneurial biz! What are the wonderful insights you glean from these women just from watching this video?

It’s a reminder to me on so many levels to create my life and my biz with intention, fun, light heartedness and to always be ME!

I am actually finding myself in a place of transition and transformation – in which I am allowing myself to be much freer than I have ever been before.

Allowing myself to be the me that God created me to be, rather than being the person that someone else expects me to be. God knew what He was doing when He gave me and you our personalities, thoughts, reasoning abilities, creative desires, who we are attracted to, the tribes we circle in… and on and on it goes.

No more trying to beat out of rhythm for me! I am lining up with these fabulous women, not to be like them, but to be like me!

Ahhh… so freeing!

What about you?

What are your thoughts?



If you are an entrepreneur, you need to keep moving, keep learning, and keep growing. Learn to embrace all of your failures. Failures to me are what I like to call GREAT LEAPS OF FAITH! So don’t get discouraged when things don’t turn out just as you planned. Keep learning from them and praising yourself for even doing it.

Do you know how many people don’t take the leap of faith? Trust me there are lots of them who don’t, because of the fear of failure! So, embrace your leaps as well as your failures. This is where the most valuable learning takes place within you and your biz!

Start learning to see everything as awesome gifts of experience, growth and leaning about being in business.

If you let the “so called failures” get to you, those thoughts will eat you up alive! Don’t allow those “failures” to stop you or even set you back because each step causes you to become BRAVER and more BEAUTIFUL!

Treat your biz as a GREAT ADVENTURE! You will be rewarded for your faith! Allow yourself to create course corrections along the way.

OH, and one more thing about this, don’t get caught up in the “act of perfection” just get it done and keep on keeping on! You can always improve upon things! Think about how you always see on TV Advertisements “THE NEW AND IMPROVED” version of something! You know why, they got their product out there! They learned more about what the customer needed or wanted and added that later. You can do the very same thing! Listen to your customers and create improved versions of your products or simply add to them! Just get ‘er done! Don’t let perfectionism keep you from getting things done, it will NEVER BE PERFECT! BUT it will always be GOOD ENOUGH! The energy of your ideas will become stale and you never get them launched and off the ground.

Moving with quick implementation, following your flow of ideas, and learning by doing, is the best way to grow, learn and transform. And when things “fail,” learn and move on.

Embrace failure on your path and, I promise, it will be a great teacher to you. Get with me for help in your biz production and let’s face the fears and make your dreams a reality!

Awakening Faith through Failure,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

Rise Up in Your Spirit



Accept that you are unique & amazing & brilliant
& powerful & sacred & exhilarating!

Those of us on this crazy, hectic, tripped out Entrepreneurial Journey realize this is 2-25definitely a highway less traveled that makes perfect sense to us. BUT those in our family and many of our friends, to them it may make no sense at all.

Many of them may not want you to follow this path and because of their misunderstandings of it. They may even try to hold you back, or say this is too hard for you, and cause you to question this path yourself!

They may see you scaling upward and stepping outside your comfort zone and seeing you uncomfortable makes them uncomfortable so they try to “fix you” by trying to make you comfortable again!

Not everyone is keen on the idea of stepping outside their comfort zone and becoming uncomfortable. Some don’t like the idea of taking any kind of risks or facing fears.

3-25And when they see you doing this they can confront you and tell you to stop or that you are a bit crazy… this can wear one down. They may not like it because they themselves are not living into their own dreams and you could be a huge reminder to them of all that they themselves should be doing.

It’s hard with those that are really close to you don’t “get it” and it can even feel like they are putting you down, questioning you, judging you. They don’t know how to THINK BIG.

THEN they want the “old you” back, in your old familiar place of not taking leaps of faith, and not thinking big, to being comfy with them again.

This is exactly the reason that having a coach (like me :)) or a mentor, or an accountability partner to hold you in that sacred space of being brave, taking leaps across big skies and jumping over buildings! To help you reach your dreams, and conquer your big biz and be so supportive for you, especially those like me who’ve been there and can help you make those amazing spectacular GINORMOUS SHIFTS!

Awakening the Entrepreneurial Journey,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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9-23What ‘CHA LOOKIN’ AT?

The majority of us – 65% of us on the planet are VISUAL LEARNERS…

Check out these THREE stats: (you can skip the stats if you trust me… )
favicon (2)Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_thinking

favicon (2)Visual Teaching Alliance, http://visualteachingalliance.com

favicon (2)Social Science Research Network http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=587201

With stats like that it’s no wonder that graphics are so important to create for your biz and why they are growing in popularity!
So, obviously YOU need to be utilizing the power of vision and creating your info-graphics as often as you can.

rsz_eyeIn doing so you will catch the rsz_eye of person who is searching and looking to learn from the topic you are conveying.
rsz_eyePeople stop and look when they see an info-graphic that grabs them.
rsz_eyePeople love info-graphics!
rsz_eyeInfo-graphics can be used in a multitude of ways…
rsz_eyeTo create interest on social media sites
rsz_eyeAs a simple way to display information for reports
rsz_eyeFor sales copy on your website.
rsz_eyeTo explain things rapidly.

Do you need some help in creating graphics? Let me help you here, and we will revisit this topic next week for your BIZ TIP with for more info and resources for you in the coming weeks…

For this week I want to share with you something really cool! It’s another awesome thing provided by GOOGLE! (I am falling more and more in love with everything GOOGLE, but that’s another BIZ TIP…) Check out this link: https://developers.google.com/chart/ — It’s GOOGLE CHARTS! With GOOGLE CHARTS you can create some very groovy data to share with your peeps and on your website. AND another very groovy thing about it is you can use the community forum to get help, to ask questions, to share the graphics you have created. You can even check out graphics that the peeps in the forum have created and learn from them what grabs your attention and what doesn’t, what turns you on and what turns you off… OH and the BEST part about using GOOGLE CHARTS is that it’s absolutely FREE! Go check it out!

Here is a sample of a GRAPH CHART:

Here is a sample of a PIE CHART:

Here is a sample of a GAUGE CHART:


~ xoxo
Kathryn Rich Bonner





So much of the time we try to be ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE…

We need to always be AWAKENING our minds to what is really important.
To truly awaken to who we are, what we are doing…
Awareness to going through the motions, sleepwalking through our lives verses being awakened to all that we do and be.

So, being all things to all people might be a way that you have just set your life up on auto-pilot…
There is no way that we can be all things to all people

I want to encourage you to allow yourself to have an awakening here, a mind check of sorts…

One guaranteed way to add loads of stress to your beautiful and sacred life is to try to “be all things to all people.”

Here’s a great (simple & quick) exercise for you to help you have an awakening. You can do something to determine if you should be doing all the things you are doing. As you do this, you can also make a shift if you are not to be doing it to trust that God will put the right person at the right time in the right place to handle it.

ASK YOURSELF: “Is this something I feel strongly or passionately about?” If your answer is YES – look at your schedule and find the way to fit it in. This could actually be a great way to add passion and purpose into your life.
AND if you have to REMOVE something off of your calendar that you are not passionate about to do it, even better! Get the things off your calendar that you shouldn’t be doing anyway!

For those of us who are in biz for ourselves, entrepreneurs, have family and busy schedules anyway, doing things that we can eliminate will cause of to really live our lives with true passion and awaken ourselves to the plans and purpose that are truly for us to be doing on this earth anyway.

So, rather than trying to do it all – do only that which you are passionate about.

ANOTHER QUICK EXERCISE: As you begin to REMOVE the things you should not be doing trust the fact that GOD already has that person lined up ready to step into this role. You could even ask someone that comes to mind who would love doing this to step in.

Live your life awakened,
Kathryn Rich Bonner


Affirmations for Renewing My Mind


In the coaching of my client’s one of the things I have found to be one of the greatest hurdles in the mind, especially for those who are Spiritually minded entrepreneurs, is the fact that somehow they don’t feel deserving of one thing or another.

We all know about the negative mindsets that can clang around within our minds, like gongs going off all the time. These noisy gongs are beating and drumming you down, perhaps to the point that you begin to believe that rather than the truth of what God really longs for you and your success and abundance.

Nothing could be further from the truth and you deserve all of the blessings, beauty, sacred moments, joy that this amazing universe holds for you. Allow God to pour out His blessings upon you and stand in belief and praise for all He gives… in healthiness, relationships, your biz, money, personal achievements, bliss, love, and in every facet of your life!

Take a meditative moment with me here to renew your mind…

Breathe in deeply the Power of the Spirit…Breathe in all that He has for you knowing that He makes us deserving of all you have and all you are to receive. 

Speak Out Loud Your Affirmation to Renew Your Mind: “I Am Deserving!” 

For help in Renewing your mind with guided Biblical Meditations that come with Journaling Pages go to:

Now, journal out what the above means to you…

Then journal around the two Scripture verses below asking God to share with you all that this means for you:
“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.”  Romans 12:2 MSG 

“If we live by the [Holy] Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. [If by the Holy Spirit[a]we have our life in God, let us go forward[b]walking in line, our conduct controlled by the Spirit.]”  Galatians 5:25 AMP 

No more sleepwalking through your phenomenal life!  Spiritwalking with you on the journey…   

Awakening Your MIND, BIZ, & SPIRIT,
~xoxo Kathryn Rich Bonner


Free biz resource tip – wiggio

TIP OF THE WEEK FOR YOUR BIZI have many of you asking for free resources and I want to share this webinar resource that some friends highly recommended with you.

I must create a disclaimer of truth right off of the bat… I personally have not tried this yet, but my friends are “all about it”!

So, I feel good in sharing this Free Resource with you!

For those of you interested in giving a webinar, seminar or presentation, my friends tested out www.wiggio.com as a virtual meeting place with audio and video.

There are some great tools there for your biz, groups, ministries and the like… and it’s all free.  My friends were thrilled with the quality of the video stream.

Some Of It’s Great Features:

  • It has a whiteboard you can use on the fly.
  • As a host you can control everyone’s video/audio, i.e. turn them on, turn them off…
  • You can send files.
  • Run a video or presentation within the meeting.
  • They also noticed you can have several whiteboard presentations preset, so all you have to do is press a button to move through the different whiteboard drawings. This is nice, so the presenter doesn’t have to worry about talking, drawing, hosting, etc, all at the same time.
  • All the guests and host can send public or private chats while in the meeting.
  • Phone audio is also connected to Wiggio, so you have a phone number you can offer peeps to call in and just receive audio.
  • There is a wiggio app as well, so others can log in from their phone.

The downside I need to mention:

So it almost always seems there is a “catch” to the freebies doesn’t it?  Well, that is also the case here… The down side is there is no recording of the meetings.
If you’re just interested in the audio recording, there are several apps you can use to record the meeting on your own.  I’m not pushing wiggio, I have been in too many Google+ hangouts that are very choppy on the video and audio, so just trying to help you all find alternative options that may work better.

If any of you have any other places that are good, like Hangouts and Wiggio for webinar presentations or group gatherings, feel free to make a comment and share your wealth of information with everyone! 🙂

Here is a link of a review of Wiggio which lists some other amazing and wonderful things about using it as well as some of the cons:   http://voip.about.com/od/Webinars/fr/Wiggio-Review.htm

Here’s to your presentations, percolations, & productions!

Kathryn Rich bonner