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He Speaks, Can You Hear Him?
In her book, “Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife; He Speaks Can You Hear Him?” Kathryn reveals the many ways in which our Lord speaks to us and how to listen to God. Do you long to hear the voice of God?  If you could hear God whispering, what would it sound like?  Are you able to recognize His voice?  One of Kathryn’s favorite topics.  Our lives are so hectic and fast paced that we aren’t hearing Him.  God wants to speak to you, and you won’t want to miss one Word that He has to say!  He wants our lives to be an amazing adventure, full of purpose and passion and connection.  You will learn why He wants to speak to you, How He goes about getting your attention, and Scriptural guidelines for being able to recognize His voice!  Are you ready to hear from our Creator?  You will leave truly recognizing the voice of God in your life from this point on!


Touched by Christ, Seeing with a New Perspective
Kathryn brings awareness and transformation as she speaks about “Renewing Your Sight” seeing through Christ healed eyes.  Are you longing for an awakening? Longing to see with new eyes? So much of the time we can walk around with an intention that is on auto-pilot, an intention that we would never want for ourselves deep down, and yet we have adopted an intention of hurrying about our days not even looking up to see the spectacular people all around us. How might God begin to transform your sight? Kathryn delivers this message using Mark 8:22-25 “… I see people- they look like trees walking…

You will walk away from this with New eyes, New hearts, New intention, and New Perspectives, seeing God’s people with a brand new beautiful perspective!


In The Potter’s Hands
The Lord Speaks, inviting us to go on a journey.  He calls us to Himself, asking us to “Come to the Potter’s House.”  Are you ready to journey there?  Are you ready to take some time to enter in His house, and become transformed in His hands?  Kathryn reveals SO much about this passage in Jeremiah 18:1-5.  She speaks about who we are, how God speaks, and how we are to listen.  You will find yourself right in the Hands of the Potter, the very One who created us!   Kathryn also has a Guided Biblical CD that takes you on this journey and allows you to literally step into this Scripture!  This CD can be purchased at the events, given in the gift bags for your ladies, or even simply order one from the website (check out the Products tab on the website).


Questions, Questions and More Questions???
Kathryn uses the powerful Questions that Jesus asked throughout the Bible and points them toward ourselves.  Questions such has ‘Why do you harbor evil thoughts?” (Matthew 9:4)  “Did not the Maker of the outside also make the inside?” (Luke 11:40)  “If you love only those who love you, what credit is that to you?” (Matthew 5:46 & Luke 6:32)  How do we answer those questions that He asked?  If we were to do some searching within our Spirits what would we find?  How can we begin to ask ourselves the question(s) that will cause us to live BIGGER and amazing lives, as Christ reveals?  As you go through this amazing journey with Kathryn, you will find answers that ignite your passions and your purpose!  This is a topic that will stay with you for a life time!


“Discovering God… again and again.”
Do you ever find yourself wondering what God is up to, or just sort of haphazardly looking for Him?  We all experience these times, though many of us do not like to admit that we have these times of questioning.  As we grow older and wiser these are the times we begin to discover and rediscover God.  Discovery is an awesome on going thing and you will walk away with a desire for the pursuit enjoying your new quest of discovery (again)!


“So What?”
Life lessons from these two undersized words, “So What!”  These two words are more potent than we realize.  While Kathryn and her husband went to marriage counseling they were able to connect again!  The beauty it brings in the midst of frustrations and the various annoyances of life.  After being a part of this presentation you will walk away with a new way to handle your boss, your spouse, your kids, and the clerk at the grocery store!


From the hilarious view of a Pastor’s Wife!
Funny stories you won’t want to miss Kathryn tell in the life of being the wife of a Pastor!  You will laugh out loud, raise an eyebrow or two, and laugh some more!  This is a view into things that Kathryn did not necessarily laugh about at the time but looking back and finding the humor is one of the way God shows us what grace really is and the things that really matter.  Several family stories such as The Bug Truck — Dad, Are You Baptizing our DOG?!! — Somethings Fishy Here!    — Kicking and Screaming — just to name a few of the stories that reveal the reality in clergy homes.  God has never meant for any of us to be perfect otherwise we would have no need for Him.  You will walk away rejoicing in the way that our Lord has provided us with a sense of humor!


The Gift of Encouragement:
What makes encouragement a gift?  What kind of ripple effect can it have?  Giving and receiving encouragement has life long effects in one’s life.  Capture the art of the ‘boomerang effect’ — how to give encouragement and how to get it! Practical means of staying encouraged and extending encouragement to others are shared in this presentation designed to boost your spirits.

“Encourage one another day after day…” — Hebrews 3:13


“Hello!  Are you listening?”
How many times have you been talking to someone on the phone and you know that they aren’t listening to you because you can hear them typing an email, or it’s obvious that they are reading an email, and you have to repeat things over and over because they aren’t listening?  It makes you feel a bit cut off and uncared for, doesn’t it?  They end up missing out on the heartbeat of the entire conversation!  Well, how often do we do the same thing to God?  We need to be fully connected to Him, what a difference it will make when we have a good clear connection.  Based on Col. 3:1 and John 3:5 MSG

“Jesus said, “You’re not listening.  Let me say it again…”John 3:5 MSG
You will be given the gift of connection to our Lord who is the God of new beginnings!


The “Real” Secret
The Real Secret “attracting” happiness, success, personal growth and inner peace.  As opposed the “other” Secret.  Find out who you are & answer the age-old question “what’s it all about?”  In this presentation, Kathryn will share practical tools that will help you grow in your daily contentment.

Based on Eph. 3, Col. 1:26 – 2:2, Rev. 2:17


I Hope You Dance…  and Dream!
This is inspired by my daughter’s Tabby and Kellie Ann – I would sing this song to them in hopes that as they grew up they would always dance and dream!  The song is “I Hope You Dance” sung by Lee Ann Womack.  This is a wonderful presentation for women!  The beauty of being a woman at any age, including mothers and daughters.  The beauty of dancing, the beauty of joy, the beauty of friendships, the beauty of dreaming.  What is your dream?  Kathryn brings passion and thought provoking conversation to this presentation, you will walk away with a spring in your step!


Peace by Piece
The majority of women have either experienced, will experience or are experiencing struggle, and brokenness in our lives.  Can any sense be made of the broken places in our lives?  Is peace actually a reality to be had?  Is there beauty to be found in all the debris?

Kathryn brings the gift of hope, faith, grace, renewal, and restoration.  Together we will “create peace among the broken pieces” by fashioning a mosaic from colored glass and broken dishes.  Each piece of glass is representative of a trial, is placed beautifully together.   As each beautiful colored glass is placed, she begins to recognize the hand of God, the God of Peace revealed.


The Power of Peace
How do you bring peace into those places of hurt and anger?  Is there hope for restoration?  How to bring about peace in conflict resolution the biblical way.  These are lessons you take with you in all of your relationships, marriage, family, raising your chilren, in the work place, and the church.  Power ways to bring hope where there might not have been any before.  No one enjoys the difficulities of brokeness that can occur, but there is hope and the ability to restore and reconcile.  Kathryn uses Biblical principals regarding conflict resolution and brings a strength and even a beauty to the process.  Everyone at some point in their lives finds themselves in some sort of mess and needs to find thier way out.  This is for everyone, because each person is either in this situation, has been or will be.  You won’t want to miss the practical tools you will learn from this!


The Power of the Spoken Word: Speak Wisely: Words Have Power
Would you like to cut off your tongue sometimes? Wish you could swallow your words?  Turn off your brain?   Someone is always listening whether it’s your child, spouse, friend, relative, co-worker or yourself! Your words are powerful. Examine the place of anger, gossip and negative self-talk in your life. Let God change you into a woman who speaks words of encouragement and Biblical truth to others and yourself. Practical and powerful messages for all women.


Other Themes or Topics
Should you have other themes in mind that is something that we can definitely work together to develop so please do not hesitate to ask about that.  Kathryn is always being lead to many other topics and is willing to work with you on your needs for a particular group.  Thank you so much and we are looking forward to visiting with you!

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