Some HOT Useful #HASHTAGS on Facebook & Some Cool Tips!


First of all I have to share with you that I have NOT been using the amazing # Hashtag as I should and am now going to be making a point to do so because of the way it can reach beyond just Facebook now!  It’s really amazing how we can convert one action into more than one action simply by adding a # in front of certain words within your post.

Now just FYI, there are other social media sites that have also adopted this feature, so don’t forget to do so on those sites as well… Like Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram!

Ok, so the way the #Hashtag works is your post becomes CLICKABLE and will bring up other feeds of other posts with the Hashtag.


So, how is that good for you? Let’s say you use a particular word like #Awakenings or #Biz, when you add that #Hashtag and someone CLICKS on it it will search by that particular #Hashtag and they will find posts about Awakenings or Biz (or whatever words you chose in your pose) and hopefully your post will be included in their search!

Pretty cool eh?  Give it a go, try it out! You just might start coming up in the searches and be found!  Stay consistent with doing this… I am going to start doing so as well!

Here’s to many beautiful #Awakenings and #Ah-ha’s in your #Biz,

Kathryn Rich Bonner

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4 Responses to Some HOT Useful #HASHTAGS on Facebook & Some Cool Tips!

  1. Thank you Kathryn for your info on hashtags! I did not know what they were for or how to use them but your article really helped! #Hashtag and you may have created a monster as I play around and leave hashtags everywhere! Lol! #JoyfulSoulLLC!!! <3

    • Kathryn Bonner says:

      Oh how fun Laurie!!! Love it that you have been able to use this article! Have fun with the #Hashtags and AWAKEN your BIZ even more!
      Thank you for your comments, I love getting them!

  2. Paula Tobey says:

    Such a good point you bring up Kathryn, I have only recently been throwing them into my posts and I used #backtoschool and I was taken to other places with posts on that topic. It did not occur to me until you posted this how that could help ME, so thanks!! 😉

    • Kathryn Bonner says:

      YES! It can bring people directly to YOU Paula!! THAT is the really good point about using the #HASHTAGS! Love that you are beginning to utilize them!