Pursuing the Creative Passions within Your Heart Is Good for Your Mind & Soul

heartI have to share with you how I have been experiencing the craziest cool things lately, especially as it pertains to pursuing the creative passion within my heart! I am not the creative girl, or at least I wasn’t most of my life. However, I have always had beautiful handwriting and everyone always wanted me to address their wedding invitations, but that is just about as far as any creativity went for me.

But in the last two years my heart and mind have sort of joined up with each other and have wanted to be more creative! It’s been a fascinating side of me that has begun to develop! I am now allowing my creative side to experience an awakening and I am really loving it!

Through my allowing this to happen, and when I say “allowing it to happen”, I mean not saying out loud to myself or anyone else that “I can’t” or “I’m not creative” as I have always said in years past. Instead, I have been allowing for the desire, the passion to rise up within and saying YES! It’s like a renewing of my mind, saying yes I can, therefore I do and I actually can!

I am now saying to you and to others “I am an Artist” – I truly am!

I am leaning there really are not many limitations to what we can do when we renew our minds around it! We can do so much more that we allow ourselves to do!

If you ever feel that desire calling your heart forward to new places, bigger places, to creatively express, say YES! You will open an entirely new portal that God opens up to you simply for saying yes! God whispers to you to say YES and that with the power of the Spirit flowing you become creative with the Creator!

Kathryn Rich Bonner

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