Here is a secret to transform your fears into action!

Let’s face it, with change there is fear. With BIG DREAMS that dang fear shows up again!

Here’s the deal when it comes to becoming the You that you long to be…

You are still standing in the old you. You have dreamed of stepping into the NEW YOU for a long time, but the OLD YOU is comfy, safe and without risk. You know how you have been doing things, the old patterns, the safety zone you have set up around your life; you know that big safety net is there…

This makes it easy to stay put, to keep the dream alive, just by simply dreaming and not acting on it…

You can keep at all of your little “to do” lists and checking everything off making you feel like you have accomplished something and keeping you from looking at the BIG STEPS you REALLY SHOULD BE TAKING.

You keep all of these things in front of the GIGANTIC STEPS that will GET YOU TO THE ACUALIZATION of your dreams.

So… I’m going to help you do just that, take the action steps to really get you TRULY LIVING INTO YOUR DREAMS.

You are going to FACE YOUR FEARS today. I am going to virtually coach you through this! You ready to start changing things up?

The SECRET KEY (really simple, but really scary) to begin your transformation is by doing THAT ONE THING YOU FEAR THE MOST! This will create the IMMENSE CHANGE!

So, this is what I want you to do:
Create your “list of things to do” incorporate each item you are presently doing, things you need to start doing, and the things that you know would be good to do…
Good! Now for the next phase, this is where you get to the fears, the things that cause you to stop from really living into your goals and dreams.

Make a list of the BIG SCARY things to do, BUT – next to each item you list I want you to write out WHY it would benefit you to do it. THIS is where you create and understand your real passions for what you are doing…

THIS will create the coolest shift within you!

Now, I want you to take those big fears and do one at a time. It is to make a call to that radio station to get that interview you know you need? Is it creating your prices and putting them up on your website? Is it investing in your own awesome coach? Is it hiring that amazing VA (Virtual Assistant) you know you need to hire to get to the next level? Is it announcing a course you are going to teach and putting a final date for people to sign up for? Is it getting some PR for yourself that you know you need and can do?

ALL RIGHT now get to it! Face your fears and get ‘er done!

Create this list each and every day and start facing those fears with a minimum of doing at least 1 item on your SCARY list.

This process with grow you and transform your amazing life and your biz, each and every time you have faced a fear!

Facing your fears with you,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

Download this helpful FEARS WORKSHEET to face your fears and transform your life and biz. Find out how I can help you become all you dream of being!

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