In The Potter’s Hand

In The Potter’s Hand

potters hand image

What a beautiful way to connect further to God as you listen and literally have the scripture become alive. Kathryn has written this in such a way that you journey along a beautiful trail to make your visit with the Potter, and upon your arrival, allowing the Potter to mold you and shape you into His perfect and beautiful creation. Kathryn has a way of making the scripture become alive in a way that is rare and extremely profound.

Christian guided Biblical meditation affords you Spiritual Growth, Healing, and Peace of Mind, and a deeper relationship with God.

Begin today to be more intentional in your walk with God. This CD can also be used for retreats, for days of prayer, as an introduction to your Bible study as a way to bring the scripture to life. It makes a great gift for men and women. Kathryn even has yoga groups purchase this CD to use at the end of their yoga classes! This particular meditation directs you on your path with the Lord and allows you to hear how He is speaking into your heart.

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