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TIP OF THE WEEK FOR YOUR BIZI have many of you asking for free resources and I want to share this webinar resource that some friends highly recommended with you.

I must create a disclaimer of truth right off of the bat… I personally have not tried this yet, but my friends are “all about it”!

So, I feel good in sharing this Free Resource with you!

For those of you interested in giving a webinar, seminar or presentation, my friends tested out as a virtual meeting place with audio and video.

There are some great tools there for your biz, groups, ministries and the like… and it’s all free.  My friends were thrilled with the quality of the video stream.

Some Of It’s Great Features:

  • It has a whiteboard you can use on the fly.
  • As a host you can control everyone’s video/audio, i.e. turn them on, turn them off…
  • You can send files.
  • Run a video or presentation within the meeting.
  • They also noticed you can have several whiteboard presentations preset, so all you have to do is press a button to move through the different whiteboard drawings. This is nice, so the presenter doesn’t have to worry about talking, drawing, hosting, etc, all at the same time.
  • All the guests and host can send public or private chats while in the meeting.
  • Phone audio is also connected to Wiggio, so you have a phone number you can offer peeps to call in and just receive audio.
  • There is a wiggio app as well, so others can log in from their phone.

The downside I need to mention:

So it almost always seems there is a “catch” to the freebies doesn’t it?  Well, that is also the case here… The down side is there is no recording of the meetings.
If you’re just interested in the audio recording, there are several apps you can use to record the meeting on your own.  I’m not pushing wiggio, I have been in too many Google+ hangouts that are very choppy on the video and audio, so just trying to help you all find alternative options that may work better.

If any of you have any other places that are good, like Hangouts and Wiggio for webinar presentations or group gatherings, feel free to make a comment and share your wealth of information with everyone! 🙂

Here is a link of a review of Wiggio which lists some other amazing and wonderful things about using it as well as some of the cons:

Here’s to your presentations, percolations, & productions!

Kathryn Rich bonner

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