If you are an entrepreneur, you need to keep moving, keep learning, and keep growing. Learn to embrace all of your failures. Failures to me are what I like to call GREAT LEAPS OF FAITH! So don’t get discouraged when things don’t turn out just as you planned. Keep learning from them and praising yourself for even doing it.

Do you know how many people don’t take the leap of faith? Trust me there are lots of them who don’t, because of the fear of failure! So, embrace your leaps as well as your failures. This is where the most valuable learning takes place within you and your biz!

Start learning to see everything as awesome gifts of experience, growth and leaning about being in business.

If you let the “so called failures” get to you, those thoughts will eat you up alive! Don’t allow those “failures” to stop you or even set you back because each step causes you to become BRAVER and more BEAUTIFUL!

Treat your biz as a GREAT ADVENTURE! You will be rewarded for your faith! Allow yourself to create course corrections along the way.

OH, and one more thing about this, don’t get caught up in the “act of perfection” just get it done and keep on keeping on! You can always improve upon things! Think about how you always see on TV Advertisements “THE NEW AND IMPROVED” version of something! You know why, they got their product out there! They learned more about what the customer needed or wanted and added that later. You can do the very same thing! Listen to your customers and create improved versions of your products or simply add to them! Just get ‘er done! Don’t let perfectionism keep you from getting things done, it will NEVER BE PERFECT! BUT it will always be GOOD ENOUGH! The energy of your ideas will become stale and you never get them launched and off the ground.

Moving with quick implementation, following your flow of ideas, and learning by doing, is the best way to grow, learn and transform. And when things “fail,” learn and move on.

Embrace failure on your path and, I promise, it will be a great teacher to you. Get with me for help in your biz production and let’s face the fears and make your dreams a reality!

Awakening Faith through Failure,
Kathryn Rich Bonner

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