Closeup frangipani flowerSo what’s in your heart? What’s Your BIG DREAM?

What do you REALLY think you are here for?

Do you feel the sacred yearnings of your life dreams crawling up and out of the deep hole you’ve been hiding in now for far too long?

Are you ready to attach your blessed butterfly wings and fly out? Tired of cocooning?  Feeling ready to fly?  I totally understand the cocooning and the flying. It’s just a part of the journey.

The secret is to keep dreaming and dreaming even bigger – and then sometimes to dream small – it all depends on where you are on the journey.

Some of us are wounded, some of us are cautious, some of us are fearful.

Some of us are fearless and jumping off cliffs allowing our faith to carry us to parts wild and unknown!

Some of us are comparing ourselves to others and feeling unworthy. Some of us are tired of the comparisons. Some of us are thinking things that stop us from BEING and LIVING OUR God-given Dreams.  Some of seem to always guide others into their dreams but can’t seem to do so for ourselves.  What the &^%@#*!  is up with that?!

We have to be willing to allow ourselves to become Spiritwalkers… we need to be willing to allow for our Spirit to guide us and THEN be willing to actually follow that guidance unswervingly and bravely!  We don’t do our dreams alone this way! Learn to listen to the sacred whispers of your soul… Awaken! Rise Up! Become! 

I am afraid of lots of things when it comes to my dreams. We ALL are! It’s ok to say it and name it and confess it!  Oh man it totally SUCKS too I know!  We all hate it, we all know it.

We are creative and long to live our creative lives with our creative minds.  For some reason there is just some anguish that comes along with it, BUT we don’t want to go down that dark path…

Yellow Brick RoadWe need to follow after the light – the yellow brick road, so to speak.  So, you must keep your Big Dreams alive! But HOW? 

As we consider looking across time, looking at how we can manage the risks of creativity.  I believe that your dreams are from God… They are Divine. You all have this Creative Genius living within you! He protects you from the demise of going down that dark road.  So… how you can begin to follow after your Big God-given Dream is to be a Spiritwalker!

You are a Creative Being. You are a vessel – allow yourself to go with the Spirit within you… this way you don’t have to rely fully on YOU. There is a creative mystical and majestic mind power within you. We have to be “tapped into this mystical and majestic Spirit” within.  You can begin to hear and feel your dreams coming THROUGH YOU when you allow this to occur!  Did you catch the word “allow”?  Everything that comes through us is NOT necessarily US, it’s the Spirit within us! I know many of you are totally going to “get this” as you are reading it – and others will think this girl is wacked! LOL!  Others reading this will want this! Those of you who are “wanting” this will have it, just for the asking! 

Your process of Creating and Owning your Big Dreams is this wondrous and crazy and brilliant journey!  When you start thinking things like “This is crazy!” “What am I doing?” “Why am I bothering?” Start changing this by SPEAKING to your dream OUT LOUD! There is POWER in your Spoken Word… Renew your MIND with the power of your Spoken Word. Do not allow the thoughts in your head to keep you from it.  I know you know what I am talking about.

You are able to step through this “portal” and become ignited by God! You will light up and become your dream!  This is yours to have, divinely appointed to you!

Let me share this one last thought for you before I go…

The word DESIRE is broken down like this: DE=Of | Sire=The Father

… So this beautiful, holy, sacred, brilliant, crazy, amazing DESIRE is OF THE FATHER!  So, it’s yours to do! Yours to create! Yours to have with help with from The Spirit! You don’t do it alone… 

If you are to dance, write, coach, speak, teach… DO IT!

Keep holding fast to your Desires, Your amazing dreams!

Dancing, Dreaming & Desiring,
Kathryn Rich Bonner 

As a biz coach, I love to see your dreams become a reality! Take a moment if you are interested in coaching with me and fill out the info at this link to schedule a FREE POWER SESH with me!  https://kathrynbonner.typeform.com/to/ztnOLJ


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