Coaching Testimonials

“The coaching I received from Life Coach Kathryn Bonner is a truly amazing and life-changing experience.

Her insightful questions and caring demeanor enabled me to reflect at a very deep level on the issues and challenges I was facing.  Kathryn’s coaching approach had a powerful energizing and spiritual effect upon my body and my soul.  Her coaching was like a brilliant ray of light that melted away my external layers and enabled me to see things from my heart and not just my mind.

Kathryn’s coaching skills are superb. She will be both a help and a blessing to anyone she coaches.” – John Campbell, Director of Training for Fortune 100 Company


“Have you ever wanted to find a way to shift gears and begin leading a more fulfilling life? Do you sense something is missing from your life, but just can’t quite figure out what it is or how to get it?  If yes, then look no further, Kathryn Bonner of Awakenings Life Coaching will assist you, move you, push you into the very joy of your hearts dream, your true potential, your strength and power!   Kathryn Bonner as a life coach is an informative and supportive guide on your inner journey.  She has the insight and courage to take you to places within yourself where your true power lies.   Coaching with Kathryn will move you to your personal and professional best.  I know her to be a woman of genuine character, integrity and compassion. Kathryn Bonner truly coaches from the heart without judgment, with honor and respect. ” – SH Fadigan, MD, Nashville, Tennessee


“Do you sometimes feel you are fast approaching the “is that all there is?” stage of your personal or professional life?  Do you need help to focus on how you grow?  Are you ready to really pursue your dream, your purpose, your being?

I can make a suggestion on someone who is prepared to do that with you.  Someone who will treat you as an equal and walk with you as you explore your full potential and help you realize it.

Her name is Kathryn Bonner, a successful senior executive for a national not-for-profit organization, who is now sharing her experience and, perhaps more importantly, her spirit in coaching you to what will be a life changing process.  I have observed her coaching many times and know that she has the skills, the desire and the will to be a blessing for you. – Frank H. Skidmore, Jr., Retired IBM Executive


“Kathryn, has really helped me to realize how to live into my God given destiny. The connection that we have is beyond physical and touches on a spiritual level. She is awesome at helping you hear that voice of logic and encouragement that resides in all of us.  Kathryn has really inspired me to strive for a spiritual and physically fulfilled life.  You will feel her genuine connection from the very first session; this is someone who really cares and wants Greatness for you.” – Derrick Hall, IBM Territory Sales Representative


“Kathryn has a very positive and motivating coaching style. There is no beating around the bush, which I appreciate.” – F. Howard


“I am always encouraged to step out of my comfort  zone. Her coaching has brought out stuff within me that I didn’t know I had!! She gave me the courage “to do” and not just talk about my dreams. I am actually putting it into action in my everyday life! In a matter of 2 months my life has changed drastically! I’m doing the things I dreamed of! For the first time in my life there is actually momentum going forward! Things are happening for me already!” – G. Zgabay


“Coaching empowers me to move from awareness to achievement and supports me through the journey. Kathryn is a caring person who makes each individual feel unique, special, and capable of achieving his/her higher purpose. I have awakened to my God-given gifts and passion. If you are ready to make a change, I recommend coaching to provide focus, direction, and validation during the change process.  In particular, I recommend Kathryn Bonner as a coach because of her own passion for personal development and purpose.” – E.M. Humphries


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