Renewing Your Mind Affirmations


I loved being in Kathryn’s home studio, a haven which exudes the same welcoming, accepting, joyful spirit as Kathryn herself. I immediately felt I was in the right place, among kindred sisters.

Kathryn led us through a process of acknowledging the thoughts we have that are against God’s truth, those belittling inner voices that limit us. You know the ones; the poor messages you may have heard in childhood, or the lies the enemy whispers in your ear to keep you doubting instead of living by faith.


Sandy in Kathryn’s Art Studio

With Kathryn’s encouragement and continual joyful acceptance, we shared some of those false beliefs and were led through a creative process to replace them with Truth. I felt the joy of a child as I played with paints! Unleashing this joy of creativity allowed me to connect with the joy God feels in each of His creations – even ME! In that realization, there is no room for those inner, lying voices. The complete joy He takes in me allowed me to be open to the Holy Spirit replacing my untruths with Truth, personalized from The Father to me, his daughter.


Sandy’s “Renewing My Mind Affirmation Cards”

“I am thankful for this experience, as well as for the cards I now use to Renew My Mind. I am eager for my next opportunity to be in any of Kathryn’s workshops.

Sandy Pipkin

Yellow Horizontal RibbonRecently I attended the Workshop for Biblical Affirmation Cards with Kathryn Bonner.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect going in, but knew that I needed to take some time to connect with God.  I went with an open heart, and basically no knowledge of painting.  I dabble here and there, but am rarely really proud of what I do.
Before we began painting Kathryn talked to us about how she uses painting as a spiritual worship experience, and invites the Holy Spirit to work through her painting.  She showed us some of her other paintings and talked about the different symbolisms in them and how they were layered with different sessions.  I was very impressed with this concept, as I had never considered it before.  I know that creativity can be a wonderful vessel for healing our souls, but to purposefully invite the Holy Spirit was new to me.

Semalee in Kathryn’s Art Studio creating with others “Renewing The Mind Affirmations” during a workshop

The whole process was such a sweet experience for me.  I was there with some women I knew and some I didn’t.  Kathryn really promoted a safe place for us to minister to each other.  With Kathryn’s guidance we created beautiful, and unique affirmation cards.  We were all so surprised at how wonderful they turned out.  I absolutely love my cards, but the experience was nothing short of Holy to me.  I truly left there feeling refreshed in the Spirit and reminded of how He is the great healer.

Semalee Bilbrey

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