So much of the time we try to be ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE…

We need to always be AWAKENING our minds to what is really important.
To truly awaken to who we are, what we are doing…
Awareness to going through the motions, sleepwalking through our lives verses being awakened to all that we do and be.

So, being all things to all people might be a way that you have just set your life up on auto-pilot…
There is no way that we can be all things to all people

I want to encourage you to allow yourself to have an awakening here, a mind check of sorts…

One guaranteed way to add loads of stress to your beautiful and sacred life is to try to “be all things to all people.”

Here’s a great (simple & quick) exercise for you to help you have an awakening. You can do something to determine if you should be doing all the things you are doing. As you do this, you can also make a shift if you are not to be doing it to trust that God will put the right person at the right time in the right place to handle it.

ASK YOURSELF: “Is this something I feel strongly or passionately about?” If your answer is YES – look at your schedule and find the way to fit it in. This could actually be a great way to add passion and purpose into your life.
AND if you have to REMOVE something off of your calendar that you are not passionate about to do it, even better! Get the things off your calendar that you shouldn’t be doing anyway!

For those of us who are in biz for ourselves, entrepreneurs, have family and busy schedules anyway, doing things that we can eliminate will cause of to really live our lives with true passion and awaken ourselves to the plans and purpose that are truly for us to be doing on this earth anyway.

So, rather than trying to do it all – do only that which you are passionate about.

ANOTHER QUICK EXERCISE: As you begin to REMOVE the things you should not be doing trust the fact that GOD already has that person lined up ready to step into this role. You could even ask someone that comes to mind who would love doing this to step in.

Live your life awakened,
Kathryn Rich Bonner


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