Artist Bio-Kathryn Rich Bonner

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” | Galatians 5:25


artist statement

Spraying & Praying Over the
Canvas Opens a Creative Portal…

I am ignited by the power of the Spirit, the love of God and the ways in which collectively we can share in this together through the awakenings of creativity. As we “spray and pray” over the canvas – the doorway to the sacred, the portal to passion, wisdom and places known – yet unknown, the mysterious and majestic places within. Together we first paint or charcoal in our prayers, our hopes, our dreams our intentions on the foundations of each canvas… We write our inner, deepest thoughts, we tune in to our higher and true self by inviting the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our painting path. Do not fear the blank canvas my Dear Ones, for there are no wrong ways to paint. Let inspiration flow through your heart & soul straight onto the canvas.

Bring to the canvas your heart, what brings you great joy or or what your greatest troubles are. Answers come. Praise happens. The Divine is here. Sacred Symbolism reveals Wisdom to you. Soon, you will find that you will naturally begin to Ignite The Artist Within! You will become the artist that you have longed to be. Your insights will be so strong and intuitive, you will always discover something you did not know about yourself through what I call “The Power of The Portal” which is your canvas, your entrance into the heavenly realms.

I believe all of us have an artist within; however, I never knew I was an artist until the age of 50. My inner artist was sleeping dormant, unknown to me. I was the one who always said “I can only do stick figures” and I believed that was true…

Until one day as I pondered my life verse which is: “If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” Galatians 5:25 this Scripture most definitely wanted to become art and to awaken something within! I listened to that desire. The word DESIRE (DE= Of / SIRE = The Father) – so when I felt this strong DESIRE to begin to call me forth to paint, I knew it was of God The Father. So intense this desire was that I immediately went and purchased watercolor paints, brushes and a watercolor tablet… The painting above is my very first painting which came forth from that Scripture. I named it “SPIRIT WALKING” — That Scripture is why I call myself a Spiritwalker and want you to do the same with me! This verse was my “life verse” years before I began painting and I’ve called myself a Spiritwalker for a very long time. I long to listen to the Spirit, I don’t want to miss anything Spirit wants to share.

Painting 9

I paint by the Spirit! I have been “called” to become an artist to bring Scripture alive through symbolism, to bring healing, joy, and creativity.

If you are here experiencing a DESIRE to create, to ignite your artist within, then I most certainly believe that you are being called forth. Allow yourself to believe and embrace this truth. Even if you, like me, always said, I can only paint “stick figures” allow your mind to be renewed through this process. Through my coaching/painting workshops (Groups & One – on – One sessions) we find doorways to enter into creativity, imagination, healing, renewal, forgiveness and even creating your own visual business plans. There is much power here for every piece and part of your multi-faceted life! I open up the left side of your brain and in doing so, we open up a whole new world for you!

Journey with me into the portals of our canvas… Be adventurous…
Come spirit walking with me and Ignite The Artist Within!

Spiritwalking with you into the portal of desire,
Kathryn Rich Bonner
Live, Dream, Paint, Awaken, Ignite Your Life!

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